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Learning how to sell may be one of the most important life skills someone can have. Whether it's selling yourself, ideas, products, or services. We are selling all the time. So it's those who learn this skill and master it, that end up getting ahead. Whether it's in their careers, business, or even everyday life. 


This self-guided and self-paced online sales training program has helped many people close large deals, and get ahead in the business world. You will not only walk away with practical and applicable sales tools, and frameworks, but also a unique blueprint and daily implementation plans that will help you sell more.

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Lesson 1 - How Learning Sales will change your life.
Lesson 2 - Most crucial mistakes most salespeople make.
Lesson 3 - Connect with anyone in 60 seconds.
Lesson 4 - Get the prospect's attention through 3 steps.
Lesson 5 -  How to use stories to drive your sales message.
Lesson 6 - The psychology of why people make buying decisions.
Lesson 7 - Communicate the benefits of your offering to the prospect.
Lesson 8 - How to minimize your prospect's threat response.
Lesson 9 - Using questions to drive sales.
Lesson 10 - What to say when a prospect gives you an objection.
Lesson 11 - Prospecting and keeping your sales pipeline full.
Lesson 12 - Cold Calling and getting through the gatekeeper.
Lesson 13 - A cold calling script so you don't sound salesy.
Lesson 14 - The perfect cold email that gets their attention.
Lesson 15 - The 3 types of pitches and when to use them.

Lesson 16 - Following up and staying visible.

Lesson 17 - How to grow and nurture your business relationships.
Lesson 18 - How to use LinkedIn to build relationships and drive sales.
Lesson 19 - Create engaging LinkedIn content.
Lesson 20 - The 6 weapons of influence and how they can help you in selling.
Lesson 21 - Do's and don'ts of face-to-face networking.
Lesson 22 - The sales mindset and why it matters.
Lesson 23 - Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP Pt1.
Lesson 24 - Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP Pt2..
Lesson 25 - How to embrace rejection and create a thick skin.
Lesson 26 - Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to drive sales.
Lesson 27 - How to stay resilient when you're not making any sales?
Lesson 28 - The marshmallow theory and how it will help you in your selling.
Lesson 29 - Develop a strategy and routine.
Lesson 30  - Creating your own blueprint for sales success.

Course Outline


Nadun Hettiarachchi - Business Development Rep Netsuite (Oracle)

"Rana's Selling for Non Sales program has helped me immensely in my career as well as personal life. By using her course and guidance, I was able to hit 103% of my target in my first quarter of my new job. Besides the obvious results, it has also helped me become a more confident person in my sales career and my personal life. I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting out in Sales."


Assaad Moawad - Head of Machine Learning Data Things

"The course was very helpful, easy to understand, clear and changed my perspective a lot. Due to the advice in this course, we managed to sign a 1.2million$ deal, just by being more confident, by listening to the client's need, let the client express more than us. Some advice given in this course is literally worth gold. A big thanks Rana and Michael for the effort, hope this course will help many more people. Very well recommended!!!"


Philippos Aristotelous.jpg

Philippos Aristotelous - Legal Business Support 

"An absolute goldmine of tips, hacks and solid knowledge! At first I did not know what to expect with this online course. As a lawyers' coach who is currently training lawyers on sales, I've found this course to be an absolute goldmine of critical tips and highly applicable snippets of wisdom on how to develop a winning salesman's mindset, develop a solid blueprint for success and take your sales skills to the next level. Scientifically backed, practically tried and tested and explained in a clear, succinct and effective way, this is the definite online course for any person wishing to up their game in sales. Kudos Rana and Michael!" 


What is it?


Self paced online training and coaching program through video and implementation activities. You can access it anytime, from anywhere. 


How does it work?


You will be trained and coached by both Rana Kordahi and Michael Chapman. You do the course at your own pace and own time, although we highly recommend doing it first thing in the morning every second day. So that way you can follow the implementation activities on your free day. Although we equip you with specific sales knowledge and skills, the aim is to implement the learning and complete a task each day. 

What happens after you make a payment?

You will receive a welcome email, with the course outline information and login details.


Does this program ever expire?


No, you have LIFETIME ACCESS. We understand that you could be at different stages of your career or business and may need to revisit the material at anytime down the road in the future


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to boost sales, expand their sales knowledge, as well as be able to communicate effectively and influence more people. 


Does this work for any type of selling?


Yes, whether you work for a charity, big corporation, are a CEO, or entrepreneur. This basically works for anyone who wants to be able to influence and grow sales.  We will teach you communication and psychological methods that can even be used in your personal life



You know that you're hungry to scale up your sales success

You’re hungry to succeed and unleash your potential

You are committed to implementing all the exercises

You’re hungry to succeed and unleash your potential

You're an implementer and not just a knowledge collector

Peter Mayne.jfif

Peter Maybe - Managing Director CiTC Australia 

"Rana is an excellent communicator in the art of selling. I had the opportunity to recently participate in a 1 day sales training course. the course was hands-on and gave me skills to competently deal with client objections and close business. She was also our sales strategist and helped our team improve sales performance and strategy. I have no hesitation in recommending her, she will make a quantum difference to your business."


Noirin Mosley.jfif

Noirin Mosley - Founder The Race Party

"Just an amazing value-filled program run by 2 consulate professionals who are so creditable and experienced in the selling space. Thank you Rana Kordahi and Michael David Chapman!"


marco Lam.jfif

Marco Lam - Technical Sales Director CiTC Australia 

"Rana is engaging and full of insight in how to sales in modern days. I am a software engineer by trade, know nothing in sales before. By utilizing her teaching and understanding how to sell, I now obtain and identify leads, closing deals with more efficiency than ever. I definitely recommend her to be coaching you on how to sell, especially if you are not a salesperson!"\


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Rana Kordahi

Rana Kordahi is a Sales Coach, speaker and trainer. In 2020 she spoke on the TEDx stage on 'How to Achieve Anything in Life by Learning How to Sell.' Also in 2020, Rana was featured as a Top 10 Female Sales Coach by by Yahoo Finance and a Top 15 Sales Experts to Watch in 2021 by The Australian Business Journal. 

Rana is determined to make everyone fall in love with selling. She wants to make the word 'sales' to sound hip, rather than taboo. She believes that many people don't reach their full potential both professionally, and personally because they were never taught how to sell. Because we don't only sell our products and services, but ideas, thoughts, opinions and even our personalities.

For the past 10 years, she has trained and coached thousands of sales and non-salespeople in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development. Including many consultants at some of the big 4 consulting firms, as well as multinationals and NGOs.

Rana has watched many people who initially feared and hated sales, develop confidence and appreciation for sales, and even reach their sales targets consistently.


After 25 years in business, Michael Chapman has stepped answered a call to help others breakthrough and find their passion in business.  Michael began his career in transportation and quickly learned how “selling” really isn’t selling.  During his career,  he served in multiple sales and sales leadership capacities within complex and arduous sales cycles.  Michael has a unique communication approach to help others enjoy continuous learning and exceed their goals.  

He believes 'Selling for Non Sales people' will allow professionals to improve their growth skills a little each day. Each day Michael will share dynamic and encouraging mindset changes. The process will assist you in building stronger working relationships, overcoming fear, and exceeding your targets.

Michael Chapman

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